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August 08 2013


How to locate Out Whether An individual Has Logged on to Your Facebook Account

Social media sites have become a fundamental piece of our life to this extent that we all often put plenty of personal information and also data in form of texts, images, photos and movies on such websites. Our privacy will be compromised and created public when a good intruder hacks the account's ID and password to achieve easy access towards the exclusive information that you would never desire to share with the stranger. Cyber criminals have got designed this scam to consider away your info or use the account wrongly.

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The question concerning the security of social media happens to be a critical problem. Respective websites have come up with improved security specifications and settings to protect the information of the visitors. Cyber scammers always remain alert for opportunities to grab your ID as well as password to hack your account.

If you really are a Facebook user and suspect your account is becoming logged on by way of a person other than after this you obviously you'll not like the idea of your personal data being misused. The next thing you desire to know is about the source that provides hacked your consideration. This article can be an effort to let you know about the Facebook feature in the security settings that enable you to know about the hacker.

Below mentioned are the simple steps you'll want to take to get hold of the hacker with complete details of his whereabouts:

First of all get on your Facebook account and click on 'Account' appearing on the right most near the top of the page. Click on 'Account Settings' in the drop down checklist that appears.

Sometimes, the settings look not the same as the way that it has been referred above. Your setting might not look similar as to the you had seen during your last visit towards the page. In that situation follow the below mentioned steps:

• Go to the 'My Account' web page

• Now scroll as a result of 'Account Security'

• Now click the 'Change' link appearing inside the list.

This will let you see the entire set of computers and mobile devices that are used to log on the Facebook account. The information also contains the location and time once the log-in was tried or made. However it will not show the IP address but it shows the geographic locations of those computers used to sign on your account. This information is provided on such basis as the IP address from the computers. In this way it is possible to come to understand if someone apart from you has logged on to your Facebook consideration.

Moreover, Facebook security settings also enable you to add another coating of security for your requirements. You can customize your account settings to enable e-mail/SMS alerts in the event someone other compared to you tries to login your account using a computer or mobile phone not known for your requirements. You can further increase the security of your own account by permitting features like one-time security password and secure browsing by using the HTTPS process.

Facebook offers exciting features to stay connected to close friends and acquaintances around the world but simultaneously in addition, it gives way to cyber scammers if the account is not really protected with appropriate security settings. Any security deficit may become detrimental for your individual data. By using the abovementioned steps you can find out if another person is logging inside your account but to understand other security features for improved defense consulting online tech support company is another viable option. Their expert technicians will guide you through the security top features of Facebook to enable you to enjoy secure searching and chatting.

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